Miss(ed) Manners

February 3, 2009

Ask Dave Catchup #1

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Oh how I love to catch up. I mustardently do this more often.

That was terrible.


Dear Dave:

quite simply put.

Is it acceptable and good manners to bring back home what’s left of the dish you brought to the barbeque? or is it expected that you leave it there?


Pat from Seattle

I may be something like six months late to answering this letter, but considering I just had a small Superbowl party, I think my answer may be more than a little prescient.

Short answer: Not usually.

The way I see it, if someone’s throwing a party, anything anyone brings to said party is an offering to the Patron Saint of Party-ing, also known as John Belushi (not to be confused with his younger brother, Jim, the patron saint of Tepid Comedy Stylings).

However, here come the caveats. This rule primarily deals with booze. If you ever bring a six pack of something and then take your three unopened Coronitas with you upon exit, head to the nearest bathroom and use the mirror as a guide to stab yourself in the face.

On the other hand, if you brought a ten thousand dollar bottle of brandy to share little puddles of awesome post dinner, by all means, pack that baby up in the bubble wrap and silk carrying bag and take it on home with you.

Food is a little different and much more complicated, depending on who’s throwing the party and how much is left over. For starters, try to NOT leave the dish in which you brought your contribution. You may never see that particular piece of tupperware again, and that is how wars start, my friend. Not to mention that the people you left your four foot wide ambrosia trough will now have to find a place to store that fucker. Speaking as a person with extremely limited shelf space, this is an annoyance of epic proportions.

As for the food itself, in most cases the polite option is to leave the food behind, as sort of a gift to the people who let you track mud all over their floors, stop up your toilet with your massive post brisket bowel movements and write on their unpainted spackled walls with pencil (someone actually did this at my house a few weeks ago).

We are living in tough economic times, or at least the news keeps telling me. If you’ve got kids to feed, I’d find it hard for anyone to begrudge you taking a few dozen deviled eggs to lull them into a cholesterol shock induced coma for the drive home.

The most intelligent thing to do would be to survey the scene at the end of the party. Ask your host if they’ve got the room to store what’s left over or if fifty cooked White Castle sliders might be a burden on them and their plumbing system. If you both agree that the food would be better used by you, then take that shit and Nom it.

Hope this helped.

PS: Keith, I ate two pounds of that cheese steak today.



  1. You liked it? I take it?


    Comment by Keith — February 4, 2009 @ 11:28 am | Reply

  2. >>>mustardently

    Is this doing things in fervent mustardly manner?

    fun post


    Comment by Augusto — February 26, 2009 @ 2:15 pm | Reply

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