Miss(ed) Manners

November 19, 2008


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That stands for Assinine Acronym Alert.

I’ve mentioned my disdain for pointless abbreviation in the past. Mainly when it comes to medical references such as, ED, RLS, ADHD when they could simply be called: limp dick, jimmy feet and kid who needs a beating, repsectively.

Very recently I’ve noticed a very particular acronym cropping up with more and more frequency and it’s driving me crazy.


It stands for “Main Stream Media.”


Remember back in the day when us left wing nutcases assumed that the news media was in the pocket of giant corporations which hence put them in the pocket of the neoconservative agenda? Well apparently we were all TOTALLY wrong.

When I was perusing 9/11 Truth websites looking for evidence of mass conspiracy and trying to ferret out fascist corporations burying the truth about anything and everything I don’t recall even ONCE seeing the main stream media called anything but just that. No acronym, just the words spelled out.

So when the media apparently became an extension of the evil left during this last presidential election due to an unexplainable shift in the three hundred years old paradigm of treating minorities as sub-human to what conservative radio hosts are now calling nothing short of Obama ball licking… the media all of a sudden became: The MSM.

I am now going to go into full on liberal elitist mode and blame all annoying and pointless three letter acronyms on retarded rednecks who because of inbreeding and brain rot caused by fried twinkies cannot remember full words or phrases and must instead blame Brad Jr.’s penchant for shooting stray cats with a homemade potato gun on “The ADHD” instead of saying he has Acute Redneck Retardedness Syndrome, incurable, but treatable by a visit to Springer.


If you and a few million people have heard an acronym enough for it to become common knowledge it has arrived to you by means of a media that cannot be called anything other than mainstream.


November 15, 2008

My First Week of Semi-Employment

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I love that term.

Actually, I’m loving a lot of stuff right now.

Here’s what I’ve learned in my first week of semi-employment:

  • Hangovers cease to exist when you can sleep later than 8 AM.
  • The only meal I like to cook, breakfast, is fun to make. I actually went grocery shopping for the first time in seven years yesterday.
  • My neighborhood looks completely different during the day. There are stores open, fruit stands and clothing shops. People are out and about, chatting and being happy. I actually strolled the other day, it was amazing.
  • Having nearly unlimited amount of time at your disposal actually forces one not to be lazy.
  • I enjoy doing household tasks naked. Cooking bacon has proven dangerous.
  • I smile a lot now.

Things like that.

November 11, 2008


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Slacking again. Sorry.

Last Wednesday I quit my job.

The word, “quit” may be a misnomer. I didn’t ditch it like a senior level physics course. I didn’t wake up one morning disgusted and throw out my building ID like a pack of cigarettes. “Quit” is definitely the wrong word. The right word would include a series of phrases more usually found in the descriptions of those fabled “amicable” break ups you hear about movie stars always having. “Both parties are committed to the other’s happiness,” and other half truths.

The whole truth is that I’d been living in the skin of a nine-to-fiver for the last ten years and enjoying it. I’ve been enjoying it so much that I’ve become complacent in all things. It sounds cliché because it is.

So I’m doing now what I should have done then: Putting personal goals above personal comfort and security.

Here’s to hoping it works out the way it ought to. I’ll keep you kids updated. 😀

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