Miss(ed) Manners

July 2, 2008

It Takes All Kinds

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The Internet is an amazing place. It’s HUGE. There’s room for any and every interest group. That being said, there’s also room for any and every interest group to be stuck up and douchetastic, too.
A little back story: Last night my roommate and I were watching Celebrity Family Feud. I’ve always loved the Feud. I love it so much that I use the phrase, “Survey says!” at inappropriate times, like first dates. “Should we go to my place? Survey says… no, you’re a skank.”

I also love celebrities. But not in the Celebrity Rehab type of way. I like watching rich and famous people having fun. No schaudenfreude, just a little dispelling the myth, ya know?

So all this brought me to Jeopardy and their celebrity week. Despite being the greatest series of sketches ever made for SNL, Celebrity Jeopardy is actually one of my favorite game show gimmicks. You get to see which celebrity is actually smart. I remember Luke Perry kicked so much ass at Celebrity Jeopardy that it actually made me like 90210.

Yeah I said it, I never liked 90210 until I found out Luke Perry is a fuckin’ genius. Even then I only watched to see if his character was going to adlib some sort of subtle nod to existential literature between smoky glares.

All this nostalgia for celebrity trivia got me to wondering… when is this year’s crop of rich and famous buzzer pushers going to hit the air waves? Why not ask the Internet?

Well apparently the only kind of Celebrity Jeopardy that Google knows about is the one that focuses on Sean Connery telling Will Ferrel to suck it. Like seriously, five hundred pages of YouTube and Hulu videos of the SNL sketches.

So I turned to the only place that one would possibly be able to find such information.

A Jeopardy! fanatics messageboard. Yes, there are more than one.

I registered. I posted a nicely crafted message stating my fondness of the show and politely asked when the next celebrity week was set to air.

Apparently I committed the cardinal sin of Jeopardy! fandom. Celebrity Jeopardy to them is a plague upon the serious art of memorizing and regurgitating useless facts. I was told so very tersely in the first three lightning quick replies. Then someone called me troll.

I guess since the plague of the SNL sketches, the REAL fans have come under heavy attack from roving Internet funnymen registering just to call everyone’s mother a whore. Ha ha! Suck it, Trebek!

I still haven’t gotten an answer. Though I just found the whole little story too funny not to share. No matter where you go, no matter what it is you’re into, there’s going to be some ass that doesn’t think you belong there.

I’ll take Chill the Fuck Out, for $200, Alex.


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  1. You know, it’s so true…i’m part of a couple message boards for various interests….from a taurus board for my ’02 ford taurus, to one for my love of all things fishing, to the simpsons….here are actual responses in no particular order…try to guess which board they come from.

    “just buy a trailer hitch you cheap fuck”

    “sure, you can find rainbow trout all over, like up my ass!”

    and of course,

    “fuck you that episode sucks you fag”

    i wonder if the occurrence of the word “fag” is higher on a simpsons message board, or the jeopardy board. you’d think the supposed brainiacs would have new exciting ways to tear you down. I have my doubts.

    “what is: douchebaggery?”

    Comment by matt k — July 7, 2008 @ 1:46 pm | Reply

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