Miss(ed) Manners

May 10, 2008

Halfter Hours

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There’s really nothing better than going to bed only to wake up and have an afterhours party start at your apartment. We do this from time to time and honestly, they’re so good, my roommate and I wonder why we even go to parties anymore when we can just have them at home.

Here’s an incomplete list of benefits:

You get to shower

It’s at YOUR house, so drinking and driving isn’t really a problem. Getting to bed can be a bit difficult though.

Since nearly everyone else is completely titted by the time they get there and you’re (hopefully) sober, you get that “wise non-fucked up person” vibe going on, and people listen to you.

You can have that early morning cigarette guilt free.

Picking up girls ten feet from your bed is kind of easy, not that I do that sort of thing.

You get to make certain areas of your apartment VIP zones where only ex-girlfriends and best friends are allowed.

Beer for breakfast.

Beer for lunch, if the party goes that long.

Finally, kicking all the crackheads out of your place and then continuing on with your day, like nothing really happened. It’s fantastic.


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  1. not to mention having good friends that will help with a quick cleanup mid party to clean up the hundreds of empties that are around your apartment. 😉

    good times Dave, good times.

    Oh and BBQing on the roof as an added bonus

    I think you have food for a week there now.

    Comment by Keith — May 12, 2008 @ 4:58 pm | Reply

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