Miss(ed) Manners

April 17, 2008


Filed under: Humor — missedmanners @ 9:26 pm
  • Shampoo can double as bubble bath.
  • Heaven is watching 30 Rock and sitting in said bath.
  • Room service costs forty times that of a similar meal in a four star restaurant.
  • I still have pinky toes.
  • Not having a courtesy robe in a hotel room makes me very angry, like arson angry.
  • I actually kind of prefer having another building outside of my window instead of a view of a river.
  • I may be an exhibitionist.
  • Video games are best played when in bed.
  • Drool on a keyboard is just as dangerous as Coca Cola.

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  1. shampoo doubles as a shaving agent for me as does conditioner

    heaven is watching Jason Statham in said tub

    room service is overrated; order take out and have them deliver

    I have pinky toes too *lol*

    not all hotel robes are created equal so consider it a blessing; not arson worthy *lol*

    I’ll take the river view

    I AM an exhibitionist

    I dont play video

    I’ve never drooled over a keyboard; sounds disasterous.

    Cute post!


    Comment by blujewel — April 17, 2008 @ 11:28 pm | Reply

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