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December 14, 2007

What a Fantastic Week

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Tomorrow’s the big party and we’re all done with the decorations (despite my roommate taking two days off and spending them on the couch instead of cleaning up).

Got a BILLION things done at work, which will allow me to fully enjoy taking my time on Holiday break building this year’s candy castle.

My penis has been the topic of conversation on a messageboard for most of the week. It’s very tongue in cheek, but I’ll take what I can get 😆

There’s a huge sale at my favorite store tomorrow.

I’m going to dance all night in a disco that we’ve built in my apartment.

Life is so good it hurts some times. 😀

December 12, 2007

The Ping Pong Episode

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I love ER.

The television show, that is. I’m not a huge fan of getting maimed and then sitting in an actual ER, which I’ve done, it sucks. Bleeding in public blows. But when it’s on a show like ER it’s all dramatic and shit. No one ever has a little cut or cyst that needs draining. It’s always drama drama drama and that can wear on a viewer sometimes.

Last week ER aired its 300th episode. There were all kinds of drama. Alcoholism, candlelight vigils, a retarded kid, the works. But it got me thinking… I’d love to see a completely NON-dramatic ER episode. I think the exact opposite of the show would be something where no one gets hurt, there are no sutures to be sutured, no terminal cancer patients accepting death in a noble manner. Just an ER-wide ping pong tournament.

They’d trash talk and joke as round one of the 64 bracket double elimination event got under way. There would be upsets, diving shots, spikes, long rallies. Kovac would hand off his baby to his drunk, bitchy wife, Abbey and advance to the Semis with a behind the back slice shot to the far left corner. Noah Wiley and Anthony Edwards would come back and referee, or even play an exhibition match.

At no time would any of the matches be interrupted by multiple traumas inbound, as everything from bowel movements to coffee breaks seem to so often be. No. It would just be a ping pong tournament.

And that would be the Ping Pong Episode.

Thinking about this made me think about other shows that could do the same thing and then I remembered one show that did something similar. I caught a rerun of the Season Six Finale of Law and Order. It’s entitled “Aftershocks.” The episode revolves around the cast members witnessing an execution of a violent and awful criminal and their different reactions to it. Just a normal day, no iconic “Boom Boom” scene changing sound. No trial. No body found by a jogger. And that was their Ping Pong Episode, a complete and total deviation from their norm.  It was by far my favorite episode.

Ever since I’ve been trying to think of other shows and their Ping Pong Episodes…  but I’m having a bit of a hard time. If anyone could think of one, let me know, I’d appreciate it.

Straight Decorations That’s It and That’s All

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Another period of inactivity, sorry. My roommate and I have been preparing in earnest for our annual Winter party at our apartment. We’ve been working on the decorations, which are a central theme every year. We always try to out-do the previous year’s efforts and this December it’s no exception. We’ve actually outdone ourselves, like there’s really no way to explain it other than that. Four solid weeks of back-breaking work (quite literally, I cannot move at this point I’m so sore from bending over and reaching up) have been logged already.

The party is this weekend. I’ll be sure to put up a TON of pictures. 😀

December 5, 2007

I Think I Understand Racism

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Ok, not really.

How about unfounded, blind hate?

I work on the 15th floor.

Apparently everyone and their mother works on the 11th floor. We are ALWAYS stopping there to pick someone up or drop someone off. They’re like that constantly drunk asshole friend of yours who always needs a ride. Take a cab, asshole.

I actually get angry whenever the elevator stops there. What’s that all about?  I sneer at anyone I recognize from that floor and have actually not held the doors for two of them. I think I need some holiday cheer or something.

This from the “I’m Too Busy to Write Much Today” Department.

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