Miss(ed) Manners

July 18, 2007

Holy Ink

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While waiting in line to grab some breakfast this morning I took a brief break from staring at myself in the mirror (looking very good today, I might add) and perused the room. Various people were finishing packing in eggs, potatoes, bacon, sausage, kittens, you name it. As is often the case a young woman caught my eye. She was hefting up a large shoulder bag and getting ready to leave. Her shirt was open in the front, not in an obscene sort of way, but enough to allow me to see a ginormous Christian cross tattooed in full color centered directly above her sternum.

It must have been at least a foot tall, judging from where I was standing. I was entranced, that takes some serious testes to get ink done of something like that, in that spot and of that size.

Chest tattoos are the most painful. I’ve heard of guys fresh out of prison going in to get something ridiculous like “Thug Life” put in from nipple to nipple and passing out from the pain.

The only thing that would cover this bad boy up would be a high necked crew tee or turtleneck. Talk about witnessing!

Let me also remind you that tattoos are, for the most part, very permanent. About as permanent as born-again devotion.

The whole image just unsettled me. I was raised religious and reasoned myself out of it by the time I was fifteen. Any time I see a religious tattoo it smacks of zealotry to me. If your faith is secure you shouldn’t need a permanent mark to remind yourself and others that you are a servant of God. It’s actually counter to many of the teachings of the Bible and Christ. Namely the story of the widow’s offering and the lesson of humility in faith and not needing to publicly showcase your faith.

Witness by example, I was always told. Chest tattoos seem a bit much, am I right?

I thought about talking to her about it, but what if some of the things I said eventually led to her renouncing blind faith in favor of personal logic, introspection and objective thought?

Who’d pay the laser tattoo removal bill?



  1. “Let me also remind you that tattoos are, for the most part, very permanent. About as permanent as born-again devotion.”

    Hmmm… most of the born-agains I’ve heard of seem to have a fairly transient devotion, often flagging (co-incidentally) just as they get out of jail…

    And while on the topic, just once, I’d like to hear someone thank Satan when they win a sports contest… just once… please…

    Comment by Chuggle — July 19, 2007 @ 12:41 am | Reply

  2. Chuggle, if I ever get the bionic implants that I’ve been saving up for and then use them to win the Olympic Pentathalon, like I’ve been planning since 1986, then I will thank Satan.

    Just for you.

    Comment by missedmanners — July 23, 2007 @ 12:18 pm | Reply

  3. I love you!
    Do you have a fund set up to assist you in achieving this goal? If so, I’d love to donate!

    Comment by Chuggle — July 23, 2007 @ 7:31 pm | Reply

  4. Hahah.

    Nahhh, no money required. I would definitely be selling my soul for the implants.

    Comment by missedmanners — July 24, 2007 @ 9:37 am | Reply

  5. Wow! That was quite the story telling! Im quite amazed at all the things you’ve done! No wonder your soo happy! Well I hope you had your fun and excitement. In the mean while, as winters kicking in right now, we might be expecting some change! A change in weather hopefully to the better, it either has to rain or not! Mother nature is playing games with us :}
    -Much LoVe

    Comment by Dell  3100cn toner — November 25, 2008 @ 3:30 pm | Reply

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