Miss(ed) Manners

June 11, 2007


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This past weekend a few friends of mine and I were “chaperones” at my friend Saisha’s little sister’s pool party out on Long Island. By little I mean 17-20 years old. It was an absolute blast. Here are some high/lowlights of the weekend:

  • High school kids actually know how to play volleyball, we had a great couple of games.
  • I still get reaaaaaaally sore from playing volleyball.
  • I’ve still got some marginal skill at Beirut, with myself and my similarly aged friend Leks going 3-1 against well practiced college aged boys. Considering that neither of us had played the game seriously for the better part of a decade, we were EXTREMELY pleased with the outcome.
  • I continue my High School trend of always losing that particular game if playing against females.
  • It was nice that simply by virtue of my age I got to be on security duty, which, if you remember High School at all, is ALWAYS needed. I got to say, “hey man, it’s not worth it, dude,” at least twelve times, even though there was only one minor broo-ha-ha.
  • Keg beer has always and will always taste like the pressurized nectar of the Gods.
  • Some little fucker called me “Sir.” He wasn’t being snarky.
  • Motherfucker.


  1. that’s all it takes, one lil mofo to say the wrong word and the joy of the party is thereafter skunked! you should have smacked him in the back of his head.

    Comment by BluJewel — June 12, 2007 @ 9:20 am | Reply

  2. Hey!! That’s how you know you are finally an “adult!!”

    Comment by SunSpotBaby — June 15, 2007 @ 3:05 pm | Reply

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