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May 22, 2007

Greatest Birthday Ever!

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You heard me.

First of all, thanks for the emails, well wishes and even the snarky jabs at my not so young one age. :-* To all of y’all.

Today has been just excellent, and… ironic! Imagine that. I woke up early this morning all bright eyed and bushy tailed after finally catching up on sleep (I was a complete zombie last night) and headed over to the Brooklyn Supreme Court, then took a left and went to the shoddy linoleum covered craphole they use for small claims cases and awaited my chance to participate in democracy, dare I say it, eagerly.

For about two hours we just sat around listening to what was now a redundant juror initiation speech. If I was bored to death after hearing it only two times I cannot imagine how the people who have to give it every single day of every single week must feel. Suicide rates must be very high in the civil servant employment field.

Eventually they called our case and said it was settled. Oh the irony!

My crushing despair at not being able to lend my voice to a most likely trivial lawsuit over a trivial car accident was quickly replaced by the endorphin flood that only a day of no work and all play can bring, or one of those ecstasy pill thingies, either way, the feeling was immense. I danced my way to the gym, boogied my way to an outside cafe and have since tangoed my way all the way home where I await a fantastic dinner with my friends and family where I will officially kick off the Dave birthday season.

It’s like Deer Season only less blood and a lot more hide.

  • Party Plans:
  • Friend in from Boston for the weekend.
  • Quick Non-DJ set next Wednesday.
  • Gigantor sized blow out next Saturday at my house involving pretend streetwalkers and crunk cups.
  • Then I plan to milk my day of birth for every ounce of free liquor I can get my damn hands on until next year.

Quick Notes:

Blu: Let’s hang, pronto. I’m always in need of someone who’s obviously way wiser than I am.

Ask Dave! Issue one will be hitting blog stands everywhere on Friday

Tiffany: I’ve been picking the brains of all my friends for excellent kid-type stuff, should have a comprehensive report for your desk/lap top very soon. 😀

Oh happy day!


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  1. popped yer cherry today! (1st comment…lol)

    i’m actually happy you didn’t get selected and got to enjoy more of your day. your bday plans sound great and i wish i could be there *smile* I’m planning a return trip to Jamaica for my biggun this year…just dont call me Stella! *lol*

    Hysterically LMAO @ your rebuttal to my suggesting we hang out…oh, the high expectations you have*snicker*

    email me and we can see what we can plan

    Comment by BluJewel — May 23, 2007 @ 10:21 am | Reply

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