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December 5, 2006

Personalized Greeting Update

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A resounding success!

I got out of the house on Friday night for a bit, it’d been a while since I’d been out partying so I went balls to the wall as it were with the boozin’ and hit up a few places. It’s long been my belief that your level of coolness is directly related to the amount of club/bar/lounge hand stamps you end the night with. Said level of coolness also depends upon placement of stamps on body, degradation of stamps due to full body booze baths and obscenity of stamps used.

I came away with only three stamps – all on my hand/wrist area – so I guess I’m kind of a lame fuck.

Anyway, the personal greetings have been going over VERY well. In just one night I managed to collect five or so. Here they are in  order of awesomeness, least awesome to very awesome.

1. My friend Brian and I are apparently too cool for greetings, so we’re just nodding our heads at each other. This one was good, because it’s easy to remember as Brian is a pompous asshole and so am I, so this whole being too cool to participate in an idea of my own creation thing works out perfectly.

2. My friend Big Dean insisted that we utilize the hand sign for the “Shocker” in a graphic display of hand coitus before smelling the fingers. If you knew Big Dean you’d understand why this is perfect.

3. The best one of the night comes from my boy, Justin. He suggested that we jump as high into the air as we can (we’re both incredibly out of shape white guys, so it’s about three inches) and connect our feet (mid-air) in an epic Karate kick maneuver and then land and scream at each other, focusing our chi. Justin’s well known for having the Yellow fever something fierce, so I wonder if this greeting makes him hot for my supple man-ass or not. Either way, best greeting so far.



  1. lol glad to hear its going well…keep us updated. those are some interesting greetings

    Comment by dragonsvamp — December 8, 2006 @ 7:34 am | Reply

  2. very nice

    Comment by wordpressbloger — January 18, 2007 @ 3:48 am | Reply

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